Webcasting is one of the excellent and powerful tools to promote product and services with the use of internet. Because of the advancement of technology, almost everything can be done through internet including business. This great useful invention is done through Web to market their product and services to accumulate potential customers online. Although there are illegitimate sites and scams online, many are still trying to use webcasting as their marketing strategy.

Who are mostly using this type of strategy? You can use webcasting in many ways but with the same purpose to target potential customers. Webcasting is mostly used in businesses and organizations for various applications including new product promotion, annual meetings or conferences, special events, seminars schedules, investor messages and more. Webcasting is an effective way of communication nowadays. You only need internet connection to do and to have this.

How Does Webcasting Work?

Webcasting specifically requires video production, live stream transmission over internet through media server, video encoding, hosting on secured server and a webpage with link to your live stream. The most important is your internet connection where all possible audience is connected using media player.

Advantages of Webcasting

Implementing your webcast is fast. Anyone with internet connection can do webcasting by just including your URL in the browser. It allows you to communicate virtually.

Another is because of the massive people using the internet. It simple means that the more the people are online is the more the potential audiences you can have. There is no enough hassle to surpass, with webcasting it is instant.

Webcasting is cost-effective. Imagine you can have your product promotions just by having internet. There is no need for you to worry about travelling, venues, meals, talent fees, and more just like affording to have TV commercials. You can cut half of your expenses and it allows you to focus on your core business.

Webcasting can also increase revenue. Using this technology can enhance the productivity of most employees and to reach more potential customers while web streaming. It plays a vital role in some companies ‘research to achieve quick result and reduce more time, money and effort by just promoting your product.Webcasting allows audience to interact. It provides the best platform where interaction within the audiences happens. That is one of the differences compare to other marketing strategy which goes only on one way. It enables you to answer some customer’s questions with regards on your product and services immediately. Customer will appreciate how you can easily response to their requests.


Webcasting is more flexible than other when it comes with the content and its delivery method. This is one of the reasons why webcasting become popular nowadays. They can use pre-recorded video clip for the viewers to access anytime and anywhere they want. Your potential customers can post their questions and requests.

Webcasting is one of the best promoting tools because of its maximum security. These platforms contain secure registration with password. It helps to ensure its restriction of your content. They can rest assured that their information is safe and these are authorized for owners only.

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