We at Internet Broadcasting Network provide services for IPTV or Internet Protocol Television that helps in providing customers with the videos or shows that they want through the Internet Protocol Suite under packed-switched network. It is the latest way of delivering shows rather than waiting for it to be seen through the traditional ways such as satellite signal, terrestrial and other cable formats that are being used in the television. We offer these services to make it easier for watchers to have their desired videos and shows whenever and wherever they are.

Aside from the IPTV that we offer, we also provide services for OTT or over-the-top content that is usually used to deliver audios and videos through internet streaming. We offer these kinds of services to make sure that watchers will have the chance to watch certain videos and listen to some audios whenever they need it and be able to watch it once they need to. There might be some differences between the two services and that is what we are going to explain to make sure that customers will have the chance to understand the services a lot better.

IPTV is the process wherein we deliver the videos and audios that customers want through live TV through multicasting or through VoD or video-on-demand. It is required for customers who avail this product to have a connection through a device that is IP connected such as a personal computer, tablet, smart phones, game consoles or through a set-top box that is known to be the traditional way of doing the services. This service can be simultaneously offered to several customers who have personal computers at home. The video content that they want will be delivered through MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 and it will immediately replace the MPEG-2 codec of videos that are used with older IPTV processes.

With the over-the-top content services that our company offers, the audios and videos that customers want are being controlled and distributed through the Internet Service Provider that we have. We will be the one who will deliver the customers with the content that they want and watch what they want under our services. OTT is the service that we offer to make sure that customers will have the chance to enjoy what they want to watch without the worries of having rentals and purchases from several video stores.

Our services will definitely be the best when it comes to video and audio contents that customers want and allow them to watch it at their convenience. Customers will never have to spend their time looking for a shop where they can watch their desired program or video or listen to audios because of the services offered by our company. Our company, Internet Broadcasting Network, is known to be the best provider of OTT and IPTV services for customers who want to watch different shows and videos through the internet. They will surely be able to enjoy and be satisfied with the deals that are included in our services.

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