About Us

About Us

About Us

Due to technological advancements, it is now easier to connect with other people or the rest of the world in general regardless of your location. One of the most common mediums used is online broadcasting that creates virtual environment in arranging online conferences for companies, small businesses and educational institutes. Our company called IBN can provide you this service through live streaming whenever you need it.

As a Business Internet TV, we at IBN or Internet Broadcasting Network offer broadcasting service through IPTV or Internet Protocol Television.  This type of TV can be accessed only by people who have stable and rapid access to online connections.  We create web-based TV channels and portals such as health, wealth, business, travel and many more.  What makes us unique in New Zealand and Australia live video streaming market and digital media is that our webcast engineers are highly skilled with years of experience. They can handle any of your broadcast live streaming events professionally and efficiently.

What do we Offer?

As one of the leading company in broadcasting field, our mission is to send your message effectively, reliably and quickly to your intended receivers.  We offer end-to-end service whenever you need them for broadcasting your training session, product launch, conference and seminars. We can also handle conference calls, live lectures and internet live presentations. As another option, you can also create your own live broadcast channel if you have any background on how to do it. This way, you are providing your own personal touch for your events while we guide you along the way.

Online broadcasts are also possible with our revolutionary audio and live video streaming system that makes everything run smoothly and perfectly. Your live audio and video are broadcasted in such a way that it can reach lots of people as far as Australia or anywhere in the world.  Since we understand that interaction is very important, our company also offers interactive solutions that allow viewers to participate during live presentations. They can do this by asking questions and giving comments in real time.  This way, you are assured that we do not just provide one-way communication but two-way which is more productive, effective and beneficial.

In our company, we provide solutions for live streaming needed for:

  • on-demand webcasts – this kind of webcasts allows you to view the previous events anytime and anywhere you want
  • live streaming webcasts – offer you synchronized PowerPoint option
  • podcasting – you can listen to the webcasts on mp3 players and iPods
  • pay-per-view events
  • pay-per-subscription events
  • DRM or Digital Rights Management

At IBN, our service begins when you as our clients start to plan for the event.  We work closely with you to ensure that everything is in accordance with your preference before putting them for live streaming. We work with all types of industries and provide services for financial institutions, government bodies, advertizing agencies, mining companies, multinational corporations, public relations companies and other organizations. With online broadcasts, it is now possible to communicate with the rest of the world regardless of where you are located.

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