Welcome to the Internet Broadcasting Network – IBN TV 

If you are searching for a kind of entertainment in television, which can provide straightforward set-up and excellent facilities, the ideal solution is the IPTV.  Nowadays, the number of people who recognize the benefits of this service is gradually increasing.

What is IPTV? IPTV is short for Internet Protocol Television that allows you to watch television over the internet as a substitute to the traditional kind of transmission like satellite and fiber systems. It is a ground-breaking technology that covers wide span of markets such as hotels, digital signage, healthcare, business use, general management and many more.  However, you should understand that this type of television is only available for people who have stable and fast internet connection before they are allowed to watch Live TV shows.

With Internet TV, it is a must that users have a personal computer before they can watch various TV stations or channels. However with IPTV, the users must have a TV set which is IPTV facilitated and hardware necessary for the viewing.  Unlike satellite systems and cable TV, Internet TV is more enjoyable because it is more interactive.  By utilizing this technology in watching television, it is just like you are viewing videos over the Internet.

IPTV Service and how can IBN Help

If you are looking for an IPTV service, the IBN TV or Internet Broadcasting Network Television can provide it for you. Our company is one of the leading IPTV service providers in New Zealand and Australia. Whatever your industry is, we can provide you the kind of Internet Protocol TV that you need for various purposes.  Here are some examples of the industries that we usually cover.

  • Education – By utilizing pre-installed networks, television and online video media, we can easily propagate each computer system to the network. Foreign and local language of TV station is available to help the teachers. In addition, the teachers can also use the system in making their lesson plans easily with the help of audio visual facts and information.
  • Healthcare – Numerous hospitals are utilizing IPTV systems to give exceptional digital television monitors for receptions, conference suites, eating areas and patient’s rooms. The good part for hospital wards is that the patients can completely control the digital media or the live TV shows that they are watching right from their hospital beds.
  • Hotels – We also provide IPTV service to hotels that want to take the full advantage of this amazing system. This is done by bringing the online media, live TV shows and audio to common hotel areas with both foreign and local language TV station.
  • Business – Live TV shows and radio can be dispersed off easily to employees using monitors and computers inside the office building.  Information and entertainment spots can also benefit from IPTV as well as conference and meeting room facilities.
  • Digital Signage – Any location that needs to showcase company branding, live TV, advertising and marketing can significantly benefit from this IPTV technology. 

We at IBN are committed to provide you the information that you need in a reliable, effective and quick manner through our IPTV service. We guarantee that we will help you all throughout the process for a price that is reasonable to you.                                                    

We work across all industries and have helped multinational corporations, government bodies, financial institutions, public relations firms, ad agencies, educational institutions, mining companies and many other organisations communicate with audiences around the world.

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